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Californian dreaming

Posted on April 07 2014

Los Angeles California, baked in sunshine and home to the most amazing denim industry in the world.
Through downtown LA onto the jewellery district and past the seedier cheap clothing vendors the streets,open up to freeways
and the East side of the City of Dreams.  The backdrop continues to look like every film set you can imagine, storm drains
with the  Hollywood hills shimmering in the sunshine.


The area becomes suddenly quite industrial, littered with huge factories and wash houses, with just a few neighbours: Strip clubs
and Mexican food joints.  Enormous rail tracks dissect the district and chrome food vans sit on every junction waiting eagerly for
workers to take their lunch break in the sweltering heat and the smog of pollution.
This is the home to all the big US denim brands, Current Elliot, J Brand, Paige, True Religion, For all Mankind, all competing for a share
of this very lucrative sector of the American clothing industry. 
Endless rows of machinery sew, wash, tack, stud, distress, stitch and sand 1000's of pairs of premium denim jeans each week using the best
quality denim and the highest level of technology, the most advanced denim knowledge and most creative designers. 
From here we buy Current Elliot, born out of an industrial, graffiti littered harsh landscape, crafted with care and love to arrive in some of the best
stores in the world.

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