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Aspiga S15

Posted on May 04 2015

Aspiga was born in Africa, after founder Lucy Macnamara fell in love with both Kenya and the designs produced by its local people. Inspired by the intricate bead work of the Masai and encouraged by the positive comments over sandals she had brought back from her travels, Lucy saw the potential in creating her own brand, starting with a line of beaded sandals that has since grown to include clothing and accessories.


Using established techniques, the sandals, belts and beaded clutches are crafted by hand in Kenya and India using small producers and the knowledge and skill of the local people.

“The bead work alone for one belt takes a whole day and for one pair of sandals takes up to 3 hours… The bead work is real art and is not easy. In fact, it takes a few weeks to train someone to bead correctly, as it is very intricate and hard to pick up.” – Aspiga


Aspiga works hard to encourage ethical principles of working amongst its suppliers, helping to ‘fight poverty through trade’ by giving much needed jobs and steady income to local people and their communities.

“Before I found a connection with Aspiga it was extremely difficulty to feed my family, pay school fees for my children and even paying house rent was a problem. ASPIGA LTD has changed my own life and my family and many others right from the villages to the slums or Nairobi Kenya.” - Kenyan supplier



Images via Aspiga
Selected belts and clutches available on line, selected sandals available in store


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