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Posted on May 27 2015


" We create magic from raw earth " - EYESEEi

New to The Mercantile London for summer 15, jewellery line, EYESEEi was founded by Swedish fashion designer Sanna Aulén in 2013.  Using hand chosen crystals, combined with sterling silver and white gold, Sanna's designs are inspired by her childhood, where she would spend time playing with the crystals found on her Grandma's farm in the Swedish woods. These childhood memories are blended with a clean, modern, Scandinavian aesthetic of geometric lines and strong negative space designs.

"I have my roots in the indigenous Samis of the North. I've always had a strong connection to nature and treasured the earth with the firm belief that all of life is connected somehow... I guess part of my celebration is EYESEEi." - Sanna


EYESEEi is currently delivering in-store. Please contact for details.

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