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Neighbourhood guide - Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Posted on May 29 2015

There are so many new bars, restaurants, stores and exhibitions popping up all over our area of East London, it's difficult to keep up, even when your right in the middle of it all, so we thought for those of you that may be paying a visit East, we'd feature The Mercantile's particular favourites.

These will be the parts of our neighbourhood we find ourselves returning to and our regular hangs-outs, independent stores we actually buy from and places we eat. The only condition is they have to consistently provide what we here at Mercantile like most: great product, interior inspiration and service with a smile. 


What: Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

Where: There are several around London but we use the one just down the road from us at 6 Lambs Street, Spitalfields E1, which is tucked in right beside the market.

Why: Serious coffee but with chatty, friendly service. If you want to know details about the blend the staff know their stuff, but if you just want good coffee at a reasonable price your not going to feel out of place. Top marks also go to them for their charity work in the U.K and abroad (that's the social affairs part) and the customer loyalty card.

When: Try a Thursday, when the antiques market is on. There are seats outside so you can carry on the people-watching.   

Insiders tip: The next door newsagent has a fantastic selection of international fashion magazines (and sandwiches for a pound...which will be all you can afford after the magazines.)




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