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Tribe + Fable

Posted on October 09 2015

We love product with a story here at Mercantile London and so we knew jewellery brand Tribe + Fable was always going to be a great match for us.

The brand was born from a love of travel and the discovering of talented artisans along the way. This took the form of a Maasai warrior in the Negong Hills of East Africa who hand casts the classic brass collection from recycled padlocks and three talented Balinese ladies who meticulously hand knot and make tassels for the mala necklaces. 

As an added benefit, Tribe uses a colour specialist and healer who is passionate about finding the best stones, so each necklace has a unique point of difference. She channels the finished article with positive energy so you can feel good when wearing your individual piece, as well as knowing your purchase has helped keep traditional skills alive.

The Talisman stacker rings fit comfortably together with top and side nodule detail and are designed to be worn in individual combinations with the rest of the collection. The large Lamu, a great statement ring, is a traditional African coastal design in an oversized version. The tanfouk ring has a minimalist design based on a North African Toureg Tanfouk talisman spear. 

The whalebone pendant comes in two versions, the fable is a simplified, minimal design based on a whale vertebra whilst the tribe has a chunky feel, with a life-like, raw design. 

The Ethiopian promise ring is the brands signature piece. Hand cast traditionally in sand and wax in Kenya, from a 200 year old design,these rings are traditionally worn by women around the neck as a symbol of good luck and protection. 

Each tassel necklace has a beautifully thought out story behind the colour choices and the arrangement of the semi-precious stones. Our favourites include Malabar Monsoon, with its cappuccino semi-precious agates and silver coloured beading and Rajastan, which is inspired by the hues of the beautiful fabrics, majestic palaces and lively festivals of Rajastan and made up of wood, cream stones, semi-precious turquoise, cherry quartz and a smattering of cream and red opaque crystals. 

Tribe + Fable

Talisman stacker ring

Tribe + Fable

Mini Lamu ring

Mini side nodule ring 

Large Lamu ring 

Tanfouk ring 

Tribe + Fable

Tanfouk long spear pendant 

Tribe + Fable

Tanfouk short spear pendant with groove detail

Tribe + Fable

Fable whalebone pendant

Tribe whalebone pendant

Ethiopian promise ring.

Monsoon Malabar tassel necklace

Rajastan tassel necklace.


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