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Posted on November 09 2015

Known for being a home to free-thinking writers, artists, actors, musicians, hippies, eccentrics and some off-the-grid folks, the coastal town of Topanga, Los Angeles provides the inspiration and memories for the candle collection that is 19candles. 

Named after the ancient Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring, the candles have amazing eco credentials being made of non-GMO soy wax, natural essential oils and cotton wicks, with reusable, vintage stoneware containers. The packaging is recycled and all of the labels are printed on vintage letterpress machines to give that cool, crafted look.

With complex fragrance stories inspired by the aroma of rocks baking in the California sun, the moment after a rainstorm, and the local Farmers market, these aren't your average vanilla offerings. 

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Formula 1#  Mesa Rain

Energetic, sharp, fresh - evokes the fragrance of the air after a rainstorm.

Frankincense (top note)
atlas cedar

Formula 2# Oro Blanco.

Citrus, herbal - grapefruit combined with dry oak and the sweet note of wildflowers.

Bergamot (top note)
black Pepper

Formula #3 Love Fest. 

Wood, leather, sweet – Love Fest is inspired by the artists, surfers and dreamers of Topanga, who lived just off the beach at the base of the canyon.

Patchouli (top note)

Formula #7 Elysium Field. 

Sweet, floral, complex - Elysium Field was Topanga Canyon’s nudist colony and the setting for a “closer to nature” way of living that reached its peak during the seventies.

jasmine (top note)
black pepper
atlas cedar

Formula #8 Sweetgrass.

Sweet, fresh, tart - Inspired by sitting in the grass on a sunny day at a local festival.

cardamom (top note)

Formula #9 Farmers Market.

Sweet, floral, green - Fresh cut flowers, fruit and greens form the heart of this formula.

tuberose (top note)

Formula #10 Fernwood Pacific.

Earthy, mossy, woody, fresh - As the cool Pacific breeze flows up the coastal canyon, it combines with the marsh grasses and chapparel brush to create this fragrance.

vetiver (top note)
scotch pine

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