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Behind the scenes - Wanderlust Life

Posted on May 09 2017

Wanderlust Life is a collection of understated and minimal gemstone jewellery which is handmade in the UK. Inspired by Georgie Roberts' aspiration to create a range of jewellery reflecting her constant desire to travel, Wanderlust Life was born in 2013 in a small coastal town of North Devon in the UK.

Read on for the inspirations behind the stones and Wanderlust Life's pick of the summer collections... 




What is your favourite gemstone?
At the moment its Black Spinel (although I’m forever changing up my selection based on the season or my mood!). I’m never without my bracelet & fine cord necklace & I love the combo of black and gold. The stone is classic & chic and I naturally lean toward minimal style so they work perfectly.

What is your life motto? 
Do what makes you happy. If you’re not entirely happy, then change something up. We only have one life, make it precious, fun and beautiful!

What is your ultimate wanderlust?
I’m so drawn to the coast (and the sun!), so it would have to be a lazy day barefoot on the beach with friends. That sounds clichéd, but it’s totally true.

Last travel that inspired you?
A long weekend spent in Oaxaca, Mexico. We’ve spent many years travelling to Mexico each Winter, and I totally fell in love with this city - bursting with history, colour, beautiful textile, amazing food. The list goes on….




What is your favourite gemstone?  

Aquamarine - I just love the colours. It goes with everything!

What is your life motto?
Work hard and be nice to people!

What is your ultimate wanderlust?
I think my ultimate wanderlust is trying new cuisines from around the world, anywhere with amazing food and atmosphere is a HUGE tick for me.

Last travel that inspired you?  
New York - the culture, architecture, museums, and the whole buzz of the city. I love being a part of it all.



What is your favourite gemstone? Moonstone. I love the iridescent prism of light and they remind me of the Northern Lights (next on my travel wish list).

What is your life motto? Choose kindness, always...

What is your ultimate wanderlust? I'd love to go on Scandinavian adventure, and my ultimate would be to see a moonbow! 

Last travel that inspired you? Every travel inspires me - the last couple of years has taken me to Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico, Portugal and back to New Zealand, where I lived for 4 years.



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