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New brand - Rah shoes

Posted on March 16 2017

Mexican tradition, Italian quality.

Rah is a young Mexican fashion brand created by Francesca Gaetani and Simone Fabbroni when they moved from Florence, Italy to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Rah is a collection of classical leather shoes combining the style of the traditional Mexican huaraches with the comfort of modern sneakers.  The huaraches are handcrafted by women working from home and later assembled in a workshop in Sahuayo. The leather undergoes a vegetable tanning process using a traditional method with extracts from the Australian acacia tree, making the leather extra durable and with time, a worn look without compromising its durability.


 Modern innovations such as leather covered insoles, reinforced heels and newly designed soles give an updated urban twist as well as making the shoes far more comfortable.

With simple designs and crafted from leather, Rah set out to transform this traditional product into a fashion item, combining handmade craft with contemporary design and quality.


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