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New to The Mercantile - Banjanan

Posted on June 15 2018

Derived from the Hindi word meaning ‘bohemian’ ‘nomad’ ‘wanderer’ ‘traveller’ or ‘to roam’. Banjaran is based in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in India.

Banjanan is dedicated to supporting and sustaining the local textile community. With skilled craftspeople in India as partners, every piece in the collection draws on the artisan’s unique expertise and generations of experience. The result is a collection of handmade embroidery and prints impossible to recreate by machine.

Every effort is made by the designer to be mindful of the effects the production has on the environment, with fabrics being locally sourced, leading to a much shorter supply chain and transparency in the manufacturing process.

“As a local, there are a lot of advantages in working locally too. Working locally with craftsmen is our design mantra. My craftsmen and factories are small, family run and practice responsible manufacturing with fair wages” – Banjanan.

The craft practices that Banjanan employ are fully sustainable. Along with their partners they maintain consistent employment for skilled workers whose craft has been handed down to them for generations.

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Banjanan Ebisu Top

Banjanan Gaia Top

Banjanan Joey Dress

Banjanan Iman Dress



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