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Jean d'Aigle Amber Eau De Cologne



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      The house of Jean d'Aigle was born in 1945 and the colognes have been made for over 70 years using the same process and respecting age old traditions.

      Cologne Ambre

      All Jean d'Aigle  compositions are mixed with water and alcohol and stirred in the old-fashioned way, before being left to macerate for four weeks, a necessary resting period that allows the essences to fully diffuse.

      Jean d'Aigle filter the blends with a machine that dates back to 1945. The filtration is slow, old-fashioned and without ice, which allows the Cologne to retain all its strength and olfactory power. The small deposits that can sometimes be found at the bottom of a bottle are the reflection of a raw and genuine product.

      Ambre A warm, sweet, slightly smoky combination of amber and cedar, cut through with zingy mint and orange.


      Perennial herb from southern Europe. Its leaves are harvested before flowering and in autumn. Strong, warm, peppery odour becoming fresh.

      Fruit of the orange tree, native to China. Once an ancient and rare product. Fresh, tangy and sweet smell.

      A coniferous tree also known as red cedar, it is found in North America and France. Dry, green and resinous odour.

      Amber [Ambergris].
      A liquid substance secreted by the sperm whale which is transformed over time into odorous blocks under the action of the sun and sea salt. Musky, powerful and animal smell.


      250ml, splash on formula, screw cap and glass bottle.

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