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Organic Turmeric Citrus Body Polish



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  • Product Description

      Sea Salt | Turmeric Root | Grapefruit Rind Body Polish

      A vibrant sea mineral salt scrub formulated with warming turmeric and ginger to soothe and buff skin, while organic oils and butters relieve dryness.

      Ritual: Best used in the shower. Scoop up a small handful of scrub and gently massage onto wet or dry skin. Starting from the neck and working down to your feet, massage in a circular motion until fully dissolved or until you feel thoroughly exfoliated. Rinse with warm water and pat dry to reveal silky soft skin.

      *Please be cautious as your shower or bathtub floor may become slippery.

      Size: 1.5 oz (1 Treatment)

      • Made in United States
      • Dimensions: 6" l x 4" w x 3" h
      • Weight: 0.2 lb

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