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Mercantile Tulip Gift Box



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      Hand Soap £18

      Tulip is a perfumed, organic soap — crafted with pure vegetable oils. Imagine if you will the freshly harvested bouquet: Still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks that make a slight squeaking sound when handled. This is Tangent GC's tulip perfume, floral yet cautious. As if it is keeping watch over its promise.

      350 ml

      Hand Cream £14

      A perfumed organic hand cream — crafted with pure vegetable lipids.

      The formula is created around a selection of vegetable ingredients ranging from shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice to rapeseed, and olive and coconut oils. Free from petroleum products, parabens and colour.

      Supplied in a convenient, 50 ml, glossy aluminium tube that is fully recyclable.

      50 ml

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