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Five Bees Yard Single Fresh Green Spiral Dinner Beeswax Candle



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  • Product Description

      All-natural beeswax single spiral dinner candles.

      Each candle is hand made in the Five Bees Yard Hertfordshire Apiary. They use only raw beeswax extracted from hives (as opposed to factory made "beeswax").

      They do not use any chemicals, artificial colourants or blend of waxes. Dyes are naturally occurring ones and the wick is unbleached cotton. All you get is a perfectly imperfect but natural and eco friendly candle. 

      Minimal dripping (due to the candle shape) and long burning.

      Size of candle: approx 14cm tall and 2cm wide at the bottom. Burn time: approx 4hrs

      Price is per 1 candle only. 

      Made in the UK

  • Product Details
    • Variant: Fresh Green
    • In Stock: 1
    • Product Type: Candle