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The Balm Shop & Co Travel Peppermint Clarifying Toner Pads



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      An Indie-beauty company with humanitarian heart. The Balm Shop & Co roots stem from the simple premise that the Earth contains everything needed to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Their goal is to give you the best by incorporating high quality and ethically sourced ingredients in each product.

      We're travel ready!! These toner pads are saturated with The Balm Shop & Co  signature toner, which includes witch hazel, a natural and effective clarifying agent that helps to remove excess oil, dirt and debris from the skin and pores. It is infused with Nettle and Moringa, vitamin rich A, C, D & K, to help treat acne, blemishes and skin sensitivities. Together with the nourishing oils of rose hip and jojoba, this toner promotes a balanced (non-oily) and cooling mint finish. Other key ingredients include: peppermint + sage. This is a great toner for those looking to clean, balance oils and control acne.

      Nettle is vitamin rich A, C, D & K. It helps to treat acne, blemishes and skin sensitivities.
      Moringa vitamin C rich, helps to boost collagen and reduce fine lines.
      Sage balances oily skin and helps with skin cell turnover.
      Peppermint reduces blackheads.
      Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, promotes cell turnover which can help event skin complexion.
      Rose hip supports cell and tissue regeneration

      Suitable for all skin types, but better for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

      5 pads in the pack.

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