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Focus on...Priddy Essentials

November 06 2015 – Mercantile London

Focus on...Priddy Essentials

Focus on...Priddy Essentials

 Next up in our 'Focus on...' series, we take a look at apothecary brand, Priddy Essentials. 



The story

Priddy is a family design team creating unisex apothecary products in Rutland, England.



The detail

Being influenced by Scandinavia and Japanese design, the look is perfectly androgynous, with an artisan, crafted feel. The handmade soaps, fragrances, room essences and hand creams are affordable, but still produced using paraben and sps free bases.



Bestseller ?

Any product from the no.34 hyeres lavender range, which, with it's fragrance of bergamot, lemon, lime, french lavender, basil, geranium, licorice and patchouli, is a complex fragrance that smells like nothing else we've come across. It manages to be fresh and uplifting in summer, warm and comforting in winter, with a scent that lasts for hours.


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