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Brand focus: Sessùn

September 30 2022 – Mercantile London

Brand focus: Sessùn

Brand focus: Sessùn

Sessùn is a brand we love, each season is an opportunity for them to create masterpieces that will stay forever in our wardrobes. 
Here at the Mercantile, we carefully curate what we select for you, and we make sure that the love for an item goes way past a simple impulse purchase. 
Based in Marseille since more than 25 years, Sessùn was launched by Emma Francois, a charismatic and well traveled creative. Her credo? "If you do something you don't feel, it never works!". Instinct and emotions are at the heart of her practice, which resonates deeply with us.
The brand's identity is forged by a focus on timeless pieces, paired with a strong commitment to taking responsible steps within the fashion industry and keep environmental awareness a priority in their goals. 


Sessùn Nuza Mahogany Jumper


Sessùn Divine Almond Bag


If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Marseille, in the South of France, make sure to visit their Sessùn Alma store on Rue Sainte. Offering local and seasonal cuisine, a place to wind down, or browse through a selection of independent creation they curate such as books and cosmetics. 


Sessùn Lucia Tonka Navy Long Knit Dress


Sessùn Harmonio Brown Whisky Dress



Sessùn Mayumi Cherry Short Dress


Clothing has the ability to make us travel, and Sessùn sends us daydreaming about Mediterranean colours and cosy walks through an Autumnal landscape.

Grab your Tessao Choco Half Moon Buckle bag, and let's explore!


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