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Doreen Fletcher - 'Almost Gone' paintings of East London.

April 01 2020 – Mercantile London

Doreen Fletcher - 'Almost Gone' paintings of East London.

Doreen Fletcher - 'Almost Gone' paintings of East London.

Whilst parts of the East End of London have certainly changed over the years, with buildings being taken down as part of large scale redevelopment, it is still one of the most diverse, exciting and inspirational parts of the city. The area is a true merging of cultures, where east meets west in a diverse and modern mix with a strong spirit of independence both in its community and the family businesses that have traded for generations.

This is why we were intrigued to be introduced to the work of Doreen Fletcher, an artist who began painting scenes of "the almost gone" parts of the East End in 1983. Doreen's work was highlighted through another of our favourite artists The Gentle Author, a Brick Lane resident and creator of the Spitalfields Life website which contains articles concerning life and art in London.

Past exhibitions of Doreen's work include The Townhouse, Spitalfields, The Nunnery Gallery in Bow and The Royal Academy. A collection of her work is available in hardback, edited by The Gentle Author and through her own website.

Regarding her work Doreen states "Since I was a teenager I have been committed to drawing and painting what might be termed, ‘the almost gone’...Be it the changing use of buildings, the crumbling of dry stone walls, abandoned terraces and disused barns, faded shop signs, dilapidated street furniture or graffiti, they are all the stuff of my pictures, to be recorded before being swept away".

Salmon Lane in the rain, Bow, east London, 1987 by Doreen Fletcher.

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