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The world of - EMMA GO

April 05 2019 – Mercantile London

The world of - EMMA GO

The world of - EMMA GO

From their inception in Copenhagen in 2009, footwear brand EMMA GO has steadily grown a crowd of devoted followers. The collections are rooted in the Danish design philosophy of quality, modernism and functionality whereas the choice of bright colours and materials are influenced by cultural experiences, travels and music. 

 In order to wear EMMA GO shoes in good conscience, the brand has established a close relationship with the team of craftspeople that make the collection, in Alicante in Spain, a region that has a long tradition for quality and craftsmanship.

Each pair is handmade from chrome-free leather, factory conditions are closely monitored and the craftspeople that make EMMA GO shoes receive a fair salary so you can choose with a clean conscious.

The Spring Summer collection 2019 is created to add a hit of colour to your daily life and as each stockist selects from multiple colour options, you know it's less likely you will run into another guest wearing your shoes.

Read on for an insight into the world of EMMA GO from designer Martin Spandet.



How did you arrive at designing shoes?

By a bit of a coincidence … I met some good people from London who made men’s shoes in Portugal and were looking for someone to introduce these in Scandinavia. From there on I went into ladies shoes and from being an agent to a shoe distributor. I started Emma Go in 2009 to express myself and as I felt there was gap in the market of chic ,wearable design with a good comfort, great quality and value.    

Where do you draw your inspiration from each season? 

The shortest answer would be everywhere outside work… when I am on my bicycle going home, a hike in the nature, sailing and on my trips to the world's fashion metropoles. 



What are the influences for your SS19 collection?

The Danish country side in the Spring with colorful flowers, green leaves, the field that turn mustard in the evening, sunsets and the dark blue sea.  

 What are the key factors to producing the perfect shoe?

Patience … investing in developing your own lasts and not cutting corners or compromising when selecting materials.  If the shoe doesn’t fit - what’s the point! 



What can we look forward to in your AW19 collection?

A more architectural take on the classic and chic theme that our fall winter collections traditionally have.  

 Who would you love to be seen in Emma Go?

Strong confident women. 



You are based in Copenhagen - what's the one 'must see' when we come to visit?

If you are visiting in the summer you need to get on a bicycle and then see it all from a saddle…  when you are finished with all the usual spots in city you should take a day and bike out along the coast to Dyrehaven, the royal hunting grounds to get out of the city and see more nature.




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