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June Birthstone // The Pearl

June 08 2021 – Mercantile London

June Birthstone // The Pearl

June Birthstone // The Pearl


With an ancient history shrouded in mystery and symbolism, the pearl is revered as one of the world's most sacred 'gems'. References to the pearl's symbolism within history are vast and vary according to culture and myth. Egyptians were said to bury their dead with pearls, believing they contained a life essence, that would aid the souls journey in death, the Greeks thought them the tears of Aphrodite and the Romans considered them the ultimate status symbol, using them on jewellery and clothing.

Worn through the centuries by both men and women as a powerful symbol of wealth pearls were a rarity for the masses, but the introduction of more affordable farmed pearls and the fashion for imitation pearls in costume jewellery, ensured the appeal of pearls took off once again.

Ditching the 'twin-set' label, to become one of the foundations of a timeless wardrobe, the pearl is making an appearance across the gender divide again appearing in a range of colours from dramatic black to iridescent shades of grey, blue and pink, cream and white. Traditionally the 'ideal' pearl was considered to be those that were perfectly round and smooth, but the trend in recent collections has seen the 'baroque' pearl appear with an irregular, organic form set into textured gold and silver.

The birthstone of June, zodiac sign of Gemini, and linked to the Moon and  Venus, pearls have become a symbol of the female energy and inner wisdom. 'Born' of water, they are said to be charged with the positive energy of the sea and represent divinity and spirituality, classic conduits for achieving a connection to the spiritual side of life and a level of peace, calm and introspection. 



Anna + Nina Single Pearl Serpent Gold Earring

Shyla Helena Baroque Pearl Earrings

White Contrast Chain Pearl Drop Necklace

Ania Haie Pearl Chunky Drop Gold Earring

Shyla Pearl Indent Huggie Earrings

White Freshwater Pearl Trio Cluster Necklace

Anna + Nina Pearl Hoop Gold Earrings


Anna + Nina La Perla Silver Ring


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