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Let's Support Small

November 12 2021 – Mercantile London

Let's Support Small

Let's Support Small


Adopt the idea of shopping small this Christmas season by selecting a token they'll truly love. Shop our 'small' Christmas gift guide below to discover the perfect piece to suit their style, and your festive budget, whilst doing a big thing of supporting the people behind the smaller brands.


Kind Bag in Purple Stripes £10

Creating sustainable accessories to combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry, Kind Bag is a small, young and passionate company based in Hackney, London. Currently a team of four (and one dog) working together towards their big mission, Kind Bag has now rescued over 2.2 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean with their collection of print heavy, colourful, re-usable shopping totes.


Le Bon Shoppe Her Classic Red Socks £13

Le Bon Shoppe is a one stop shop of essentials, that make you look good and feel good. From the perfect sock to the perfect tee, all of the pieces are forever staples that will become your uniform. Having been on the manufacturer’s end of the fashion industry Le Bon Shoppe wanted to produce in a more intentional and curated way. They produce a limited quantity of pieces at a time which are carefully calculated so they can sell everything, before making more. Flexible and compassionate with their factories, Le Bon Shoppe value people first. They have zero paid promotional content or marketing, all of their collaborations are with cool people who happen to love Le Bon Shoppe, and they don’t offer seasonal and promotional sales or discounts so you can shop with confidence if you want to restock.


Wanderlust Life Petite Solstice Ear Cuff  £22

The Wanderlust Life story began when founder Georgie wanted to make a new version of the tiny pendant she had worn since childhood. Today the company has grown to occupy a stylish lifestyle store in beautiful surroundings on the North Devon coast and a working studio, where a small creative female team make a selection of minimal but meaningful ethical jewellery pieces by hand.


FLUFf Wax Baby Cloud Candle £12

Based in the English countryside, FLUFf Wax evolved from a desire of creating pieces of artwork and sculpture that were practical, affordable and more accessible than traditional sculptural pieces. Mixing together a love for candles, a passion for sustainability and a lifetime interest in art, creator Shannen started with the now coveted cloud shape candles, which evolved from hours of research and sketches. Creating eco-friendly candles that are completely handmade from start to finish, FLUFf uses toxic free ingredients in every aspects of the business including soy and coconut wax blends, cotton wicks, and scents that are phthalate and paraben free and recycled packaging. 


Block Design Duo Tone Glass Candlestick  £15

Block Design began shortly after Tara Ashe graduated. Keen to combine a passion for design with her engineering background and create a range of functional, beautiful lifestyle products, the first Block product was a vase, then desk accessories and jewellery. 20 years on Block Design is based in South East Cornwall and includes a team of seven creatives. The studio, where each product begins its journey, is situated above their own workshop, and is described as "a collaborative hub of creativity, colour and innovation". 


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