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Mercantile Stay Home Comfort Kit

April 22 2020 – Mercantile London

Mercantile Stay Home Comfort Kit

Mercantile Stay Home Comfort Kit



Some small suggestions, products and wellness tips from Mercantile London to ease and bring comfort to your stay at home routine.


The classic sweatshirts and tees from Colourful Standard make a cosy yet presentable option. Sustainable, comfortable and uncomplicated, they are made from 100% organic cotton by a company who treat humans as they should be treated - with fair wages, no discrimination and freely chosen employment.



Styled with jogging pants, a white tee and (weather dependant) a slub sock the Birkenstock Arizona have become the stay at home choice. Crafted in Germany since 1774, they are exceptional comfortable thanks to the ergonomic foot bed which due to the various design features encourage proper foot well being and support. Sustainable by nature due to the renewable cork and natural latex, Birkenstock also use a non-toxic, environmentally friendly adhesive and 98% recycled packing materials in their production. 



Create some balance with something as simple as (safely) lighting and watching a candle flame whilst you have your morning coffee. Trataka has been used as a yogic practise for centuries as form of boosting concentration and memory. Plum & Ashby candles are crafted in small batches and use mood-enhancing fragrances to soothe and calm – whilst being free from synthetics, paraffin and hidden chemicals. Try an oceanic fragrance which is said to ease symptoms of an overactive mind.



With the average person having around 60,000 thoughts a day, try a few minutes of deep calming breathing while holding one or two yoga postures throughout your day. It doesn't have to be a hour long class to gain the benefits to your physical and mental health. Yoga with Adriene has free content and a down to earth, effective approach.




A hot shower or bath using products with salts are recommended by health experts to help sedate the nervous system. Parkminster blended bath salts contain only pure Himalayan salt (which is free of toxins and impurities) and rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and patchouli essential oils which are proven to lower your stress levels, ease muscle tension, stimulate circulation and clear the sinuses and airways. No bath ? use as a foot or hand soak to reap the same benefits.



Easy to dip in and out of with no pressure, read a few lines of poetry before sleep. Try Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest or The Luckiest Guy Alive by John Cooper Clarke. Available from Brick Lane Bookshop or Dr John Cooper Clarke Official Store.



With a community focus and impressive 'pay what you can afford' approach She's Lost Control the conscious lifestyle brand/store are now available on-line. Their digital events include a whole range of therapies and talks including Depth Psychology, aura photography, healing meditation, sound journeys, sleep hygiene sessions, healing and herb magic, tarot and astrology readings which all aim to "unravel opportunities for self-inquiry and healing" Apt for these current times.










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