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Pre- Collection Spring 23 Bellerose // Awaydays Nostalgia

January 06 2023 – Mercantile London

Pre- Collection Spring 23 Bellerose // Awaydays Nostalgia

Pre- Collection Spring 23 Bellerose // Awaydays Nostalgia

In the pit of winter, Bellerose find inspiration for the new Spring 2023 collection in musing over their last escape, the last moment of true freedom and the carelessness experienced. When all bundled up in duvet coats, trying their best to keep the cold from sneaking in, they recall the warm and dewy summer breeze like a distant memory they are eager to revisit. Longing for light-filled days, they scroll through photos of the last getaway to find cloudless skies and free spirit.

Inspired by the hazy tones of the East coast and the nostalgia of a sun-faded patio, the collection features a joyous mix of sharp lines, padded fabrics and transitional layers that we're ready to peel one after the other until the sun — at last— kisses our skin with a soft glow.

Trying to capture that lightness the brand followed their models as they wandered through the city. Inspired by the first signs of warm-up —days getting just a bit longer, streets filling up— the trio was captured exploring the city, using it as a backdrop for their urban adventures.

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