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A 'Guaranteed to be Appreciated' Christmas Gift Guide

November 09 2022 – Mercantile London

A 'Guaranteed to be Appreciated' Christmas Gift Guide

A 'Guaranteed to be Appreciated' Christmas Gift Guide


Whilst style is very much a personal thing and it can be difficult to anticipate one person's reaction to a gift, we have found over the years of selecting our collections, that the pieces that never fail to spark a positive reaction have a few defining factors; maximum wearability, a pop of colour, hidden meaning, small batch production and/or an under the radar brand. 

Below we've put together a collection of what you are loving, what we feel passionate about, and some of our most popular styles. All we feel are guaranteed to be appreciated when opened this Christmas, and most importantly worn season after season. 


Bellerose Rosie Worker Bag 


The Rosie Worker bag is on constant offer in the Belgium brand Bellerose collection. Each season, Summer and Winter, it appears in a new colour or finish. Maximum wearability, with a practical hands-free, yet contemporary silhouette and a leather finish that gets better with age, makes this option a definite winner.


Sessùn Tessao Choco Half Moon Buckle Bag 


Drawing on a heritage of production techniques, working with certified factories and combining them with a strong contemporary focus, French brand Sessùn work with premium fabrics, prints, shapes and cuts, that style effortlessly with everything you already have in your wardrobe. This is where you will find those wardrobe classics.


Stine Goya Adonis Lavender Fog Knit Jumper


Safe selections don't just mean navy or black anymore, so be brave and go for a pick-me-up shot of colour for those cold winter days, or a bespoke print, such as the bash dress below, with a jacquard fabric that features a Baroque print with gorgeous gold lurex thread. As long as the shape is adaptable it will get maximum use through the party season, Christmas Day, and beyond.


Ba&sh Chiba Bordeaux Dress


Shyla Sura Malachite Hoop


Hidden meaning in a piece is a lovely gesture, even in a functional style such as these Sura hoops from jewellery brand Shyla, where you can remove the malachite stones and wear as an everyday classic hoop. A precious stone since ancient times, Malachite is said to be the stone of transformation, bringing energy and focus to new growth, so a perfect choice for those New Year plans.

For maximum wearability, pieces that can be used all year around such as sunglasses are always a great idea. A.KJÆRBEDE are a Copenhagen based sunglass-brand, that unites quality (each pair has UV 400 protection) Scandinavian design and affordability, so you can afford to be bold in your choice.


A Kjaerbede Salo Black Sunglasses


Based in the arts District of Los Angeles, Le Bon Shoppe is an under the radar brand that intended to be a one stop shop of small batch, slow produced products that make getting dressed easier. 
The core reason for creating Le Bon Shoppe was and still is, to create those everyday pieces that seem so simple and easy to wear but are hard to find. From the perfect sock (available in cosy, festive colours) to the perfect tee, all of the pieces are forever staples that will become part of your uniform. 


Le Bon Shoppe Cashmere Fawn Socks

Le Bon Shoppe Naturelle Miso Top


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