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Posted on May 03 2019

Curiosity led jewellery brand SVP founder Sarah Parham to a whole new world. One that glittered with gemstones, beautiful people, amazing sights and exotic scenery: India. In Jaipur, a craftsman she knew there let her design a gemstone ring as a thank you. When she arrived back in the UK with it on her finger, all her friends wanted one. However, as much as everyone loved it, no one knew their ring size.

And right there, SVP was born. Designed in the UK and handcrafted by her craftspeople in Jaipur all SVP rings are adjustable. The collections are all designed in 18-carat gold vermeil and sterling silver, with gemstones that you can shop by colour or meaning.

This season we have the Starman style in Black Onyx which is a powerful protective crystal that can ward off negativity which might otherwise affect your body, heart, mind and soul. It helps to cleanse your aura so you attract only positive vibrations and Blue Chalcedony, ‘The Speakers Stone’ which is said to alleviate feelings of anxiety, panic or desperation. The healing energies of this stone will replace these feelings with reassurance, love and compassion.


The Rio ring, is inspired by the classic charm bracelet with a single gemstone dangling from the band. The Rio is available in a range of gems including : Citrine which is said to improve your mental clarity, self-confidence and will power. It can help to remove and deflect negative energy and eliminate all fears caused by the influence of others. Citrine is also purported to increase energy and drive and activate the imagination.


Labradorite is the stone of magic and creative expression. It helps trigger new ideas leading to transformation and encourages new adventures, assisting with understanding your own destiny.


Smoky Quartz is ideal if you’re emotionally stuck. It rids the body and home of negative energies and helps you to tackle important tasks by opening the mind and giving grounding, mental clarity and protection.



White striped black agate is the stone for self-control. It can give resilience, quiet power, invisibility and can help to give peace whilst relieving anxiety. Black agate is considered to be a receiving stone and is used for calming, soothing, inward meditation and reflection. It’s also used to alleviate grief.


Rock the Casbah is available in a beautiful Tigers Eye. Tigers Eye is said to guard against ill wishes from others whilst warding off negative emotions and thoughts. It can be used to release fear and anxiety by helping with re-grounding and re-balancing.






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