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The Brand That Gives Back - Wax London

May 24 2019 – Mercantile London

The Brand That Gives Back - Wax London

The Brand That Gives Back - Wax London

Menswear brand Wax London was founded with the view to create affordable, quality menswear and to bring the manufacturing of traditional British outerwear back to the UK. Thus, the majority of their outerwear pieces are made right where they started; London.


Bampton Shirt


“When it comes to approach, ours is all about the customers. That means we work hard to put quality, integrity and honesty before anything else. We don’t believe that clothing should carry hefty price tags, so ours doesn’t. It’s about creating more for the wearer: better quality clothes, better stories and a better sense of the culture of Wax” 


However Wax’s focus doesn’t just lie in creating covetable everyday wear but also in establishing ways of giving back to charities and creating job opportunities for skilled workers in the UK.  Aspiring to bring about change through good practice, whether that means working with charities or sustainable fabrics and natural dyeing processes, Wax are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate giving back into their practice.


Basset Torpedo Shirt


“Doing well while doing good is important to us, and we have initiatives in place that allow us to do just that. Each collection features a Hero Piece, a portion of the profits of which will go to a charity of our choice. Through working with charities and maintaining strong relationships with our factories, were able to do good our way”.


Alston Light Clay Cord Chino


Excess fabrics make up a significant amount of the planets current fabric supply and it is sitting forgotten and unused in warehouses across the world. Integrating re-purposed fabrics into the collections means that Wax keep water- and energy waste to a minimum in comparison to producing new cloth from scratch. We source and integrate some of these fabrics into our collections, many of which have now become our favourite pieces.


Didcot Stripe Shirt


Helping their hometown and homeless Londoners Wax donate clothes to the Whitechapel Mission as well as donating to the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in India, where Wax founder Rich has family roots. This organisation supports the education of 640 girls; from transportation to scholarships and teacher salaries.  Wax’s Hero Piece the Duval t-shirt helps with the proceeds to the charity, whilst a proportion of sales from the Didcot and Fazely shirt help contribute to supporting the Walkabout Foundation  in Varanasi, India which restores freedom and independence by providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world.


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