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November 20 2013 – Mercantile London


Lovely Lucy brought her friend Joe into store to introduce him to his first pair of Dr.Denim jeans and we think they both look pretty stylin' in their matching black Plenty.




Plenty of comfy knee bend action ?. ..that will be a yes then.



Dr. Denim was launched in 2004 in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the aim of creating contemporary denim, built on perfect fit, feel and appearance. Treating the wash with as much importance as the fit, Mercantile London customers are currently loving the black and navy coated and purple riot  print. 




Plenty is a second skin fit with a high rise waist in a lightweight super stretch denim/twill with front pockets that are sewn shut. Super comfortable, super stretchy, super warm,super affordable. Super...





" We planned the feeling you get when you touch the fabric. We know how the fabric will feel the first time you wear the jeans, and we know how it will feel after a year. But what the jeans will look like, where they are worn thin and how distressed they will be, that part is your responsibility. Your personality and your cares will be evident when your Dr. Denim jeans have become a part of you "          Dr.Denim.










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