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Priddy X Mercantile

November 22 2013 – Mercantile London


Created and produced in the UK by the De Verteuil family, Priddy Essentials specialise in producing artisan fragrance based on the memories of their world travels. Excited to be introducing their apothecary collection at Mercantile London this Winter, Priddy combine craft with modern design to produce products that challenge the idea of traditional blends and offer a collection of fresh, clean, unisex fragrance.
Each numbered collection houses four core scents that are used across a range of products: Eau de Parfum, hand cream, body lotion and soap, which can then be layered to enhance and prolong the fragrance.
Priddy products are not tested on animals, are made in small batches and are SLS, paraben and synthetic scent free. Good stuff.

No 25 Rowan berry

Top: Pink pepper, spicy cardamom ,Frankincense Middle: Rose, green galbanum, black pepper, rosemary
Base: Rowan wood and clove

No 12 Valencian Orange

Top: Green citrus and Spanish oranges Middle: Herbal notes
Base: Precious woods and amber

No 34 Hyeres Lavender /Mercantile best seller

Top: Cool bergamot, lemon and lime
Middle: Lavender, basil and geranium
Base: Licorice and patchouli

No 47 Bergamot and lime

Top: Zesty lime Middle: Woody notes with freshly sliced ginger
Base: Dark woods and cool amber

Hand cream available in a handy 5ml handbag size, flying out as stocking fillers.
With fragrances ability to transport back to a time and place, the home fragrance range, which is available in reed or spray form, draws on the designers memories of courtyards in Casablanca with the full, heady scent of Moroccan Fig, an aunt's garden in Barbados with the unmistakable fresh, zest of Bajan Grapefruit and the pure simple scent of a South African breeze with cool, clean Cape Geranium. 
Introducing a Winter collection, the room spray in Festive spice, captures childhood memories of Christmas in a blend of sweet orange, tangerine, comforting warm cinnamon, nutmeg and heady clove and 

Winter Berry which has strong fruits of the forest notes, with red berry and echoes of  "hedgerows, fir trees and just a hint of smoky log fire" for those that like their Christmas with an unexpected edge.



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