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East London street art - Nerone

April 12 2016 – Mercantile London

East London street art  - Nerone

East London street art - Nerone

Renowned the world over for encouraging and developing creativity, East London has a wealth of pieces by top graffiti artists who come to showcase their talents within the streets of Whitechapel, Shoreditch and Spitalfields. 

One of our current favourites is Nerone, who moved from France to base himself in London and brighten our lives/streets with his stunning colour drenched compositions. 

Immersed in hip-hop culture at a very young age, Nerone began to paint his first graffiti aged just eleven. In his later years after working as a graphic designer, he decided to focus on his artistic creations and in 2007 Nerone and his friend Epis launched their own street-art collective named Le Coktail.
In addition to his graffiti, Nerone continues to be in demand with commissions in graphic and stage design and decoration for brands such as IKKS, Le Pigallion, Paris and Warner Brothers.

Influenced by today's world problems and challenges, Nerone’s works strives to deliver a positive message, full of colour and original appropriations.


Follow Nerone on Instagram here.

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