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May 24 2013 – Mercantile London

A group of three very beautiful and smiley friends visited the store the other day and whilst buying their Dr.Denim, let me take some shots of their super cool styling.


 Apple green & matching Supergas. Top marks. 

 Loved the mix of textures and prints on this girl.

 Ombre tassles against acid wash. We like (a lot).



Carrying a bunch of peacock feathers from the costume store and wearing a matching feather earring (now that's co-ordination!). This girl bought Dr.Denim Plenty in both Ash and snake print and looked amazing. Fab hair too.


 We noticed one of the girl's Aztec nails and discovered all three had just been to WAH. ( we have a massive passion/obsession with the Wah experience and will definitely be posting more on this amazing East London nail bar).


 Clashing pretty flowers with leather.


Tux nails. Super cool (and super steady brush work from WAH).




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