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Summer styling

June 15 2013 – Mercantile London


Get ready to take notes people, here's the latest bunch of The Mercantile's  ever so cool customers.



Loved this girls clever summer styling, the Aztec detail of her dress, bare legs (shouting summer's here, yey...) with classic leather jacket (well maybe just in case it's not...). Her hair also had an amazing dual texture thing going on, slicked back yet with matt wavy ends. 



Loved her totally stomp worthy wedges,  also loved that she was so super sweet in giving us some freebies for the next time we came to the Hoxton Pony.




We love our little wooden bench outside the store and spend many a lunch break parked on it, watching the weird and wonderful go by. This girl sat down to put on these really cute sock(lets) as her shoes were hurting. Debra noticed her sweet styling, so we pounced on her for a shot.



Loved her freckles and great vintage tassel earring. Good eyeliner action too. 



This customer was really kind in allowing me to take her photo (she really didn't want to!) but her vintage Christian Dior sunglasses looked so great with her short geo bob, I really wanted to get a shot. Absolutely loved this pairing, very chic.



Whhhaattt ! You could never be grumpy wearing these crazy Jeremy Scott for Adidas trainers.  


See...super happy in neon.



Many thanks to all our customers for letting us share their summer styling.




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