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The hot summer jewellery brand - Anna + Nina

July 07 2017 – Mercantile London

The hot summer jewellery brand -  Anna + Nina

The hot summer jewellery brand - Anna + Nina

 Anna + Nina founded in 2012, started as an agency promoting jewellery and accessories labels alongside their own but has since become a brand in its own right. From its founding Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot have opened three stores in Amsterdam, and a website, selling their own brand together with other jewellery, accessories, fashion and interiors labels.

Their own brand includes distinctly eclectic jewellery and, more recently, old-world style interiors and accessories that reflect their nomad-like travels to India and Bali, where the jewellery and home brands are made.

With bohemian inspired pieces that work perfectly stacked and layered, the collection showcases their love for tropical vibes and charms with a spiritual slant, making them perfect for the summer season.

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