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The new summer scent

Posted on May 20 2018

In 1990, two friends from Marseilles, with a shared passion for design, decided to revisit an old tradition: the iconic cube of Marseille soap. Aware of its place in the Provencal cultural heritage, they decided to reinterpret it in a modern and contemporary way.
The soap, which had a history dating back to the seventeenth century, is a natural product made exclusively from vegetable oils, without any colouring or artificial additives. Building their business on the same values of authenticity, simplicity, efficiency and quality, apothecary brand, Compagnie de Provence began.
The Compagnie de Provence Colognes, which are new to The Mercantile this summer, celebrate Provence – a land of water and colours, nestled between the Rhône River and the Mediterranean Sea.
The collection of fragrances showcase citrus fruits and aromatics in unique and unexpected combination.
The fragrances fulfil the summer need for a fresh and light composition, yet have enough fragrance content that the scent continues to linger on the skin until the end of the day. Being a cologne, it can also be used directly on fabrics and in the hair as a fresh way to wear your summer scent.

Top notes: bergamot orange
Heart notes: peony basil
Base note: musk
Olfactory family: floral

Top note: citrus
Heart note: melon
Base note: juniper berries
Olfactory family: aqua/unisex

Top notes: bergamot citrus fig
Heart notes: cucumber santalwood
Base note: musk
Olfactory family: woody

Top note: citrus
Heart notes: mimosa violet
Base note: sandalwood
Olfactory family: floral

Top notes: bergamot orange
Heart notes: lavender amber
Base note: tonka bean
Olfactory family: oriental

Top note: blood orange
Heart note: juniper berries
Base note: sandalwood
Olfactory family: citrus

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