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Considered Gift Guide // Well-Being

December 07 2021 – Mercantile London

Considered Gift Guide // Well-Being

Considered Gift Guide // Well-Being

Give the gift of relaxation, and a calm mind this season. Our considered gift guide edit gathers together a range of luxury wellbeing ideas for all budgets, that will decrease stress-levels, soothe a frazzled mind and promote a sense of calm.


Rototo Double Face Merino Mid Grey Socks

Originating from Kōryō, the double face style is the ultimate comfort sock. The brand aim to create items that will last and "be loved for a lifetime" drawing on the centuries old history and heritage of the local weaving industry, where they are made. Part of the collection since the establishment of the brand, this style is inspired by mountaineering socks. The style features merino wool on the surface and undyed low-count organic cotton fabric as the lining to create a soft and thick feel like a sweatshirt, whilst the liner material feels fluffy and comfortable with a napped surface. Perfect for slipping on after a yoga session or just relaxing on the sofa.


Parkminster Lavender & Patchouli Bath Salts Sachet

Perfect for calming your nervous system and relaxing the muscles after a hard day, Parkminster's hand blended bath salts contain only pure Himalayan salt which is free of toxins and impurities. Whilst relaxing in the warm water, the lavender and patchouli essential oils, which are proven to lower your stress levels, ease muscle tension and aching joints, stimulate circulation and clear the sinuses and airways will be absorbed, whilst creating an soothing aromatherapy effect with the fragrance.


St. Eval Tin Retreat Renew Tangerine Lime & Herbs

St. Eval's Retreat Collection is home to soothing, cleansing and invigorating affordable scented candles to boost your wellbeing and create a home spa type feel. For those moments when what you need is  boost of energy, and to awaken and re-focus instead of relaxing, Citrus oils are said to be uplifting, and a natural energy booster. Pause for a moment and let the refreshing citrus scent of tangerine and lime of the St Eval Renew candle restart your positivity.


Bramley Calm Spray

Who doesn’t need a little bit more calm in their life ? This soothing scent with a base of aloe vera juice will help calm and refocus in times of anxiety and is perfect to relax your body and mind whilst on the go. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, spray around your space, onto your bedding or onto your face covering, take a deep breath and let the chamomile and lavender essential oil mist calm your senses.

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