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Four reasons why you should have a Rains

September 06 2016 – Mercantile London

Four reasons why you should have a Rains

Four reasons why you should have a Rains


The Danish know about wet weather and style in equal measure.


Rains, the Danish rain jacket and accessories brand, produce modern, contemporary collections in a light-weight yet strong polyester fabric with an added flexible polyurethane coating. The fabric is welded together to ensure a hundred percent waterproof finish and all fittings, zippers and trimmings are made from materials optimized for a wet environment. 

Stylish details like the unisex fit, peaked cap, and seasonal colour choice are all considered and provide the point of difference.

Jacket in khaki





All components of each Rains comply with the standards of REACH (European chemical standards) and carry the EcoTex 100 certificate to ensure environmental responsibility.


Long jacket in wan blue



Manufacturing with commitment

All of the Rains collections are manufactured in factories with more than fifteen years of experience with rainwear. The factories live up to Rains high standards, which include secure health insurance, proper working schedules, and clean environments to all persons involved in the production process


Curve in black



Easy maintenance

If you feel you ever need to, Rains are washable in a regular washing machine at 30-40 degrees celsius. You can also iron the inside of the jacket/coat to get a perfect wrinkle free outer surface. All styles are super lightweight and roll up to a small size, perfect for stashing in your bag.


Backpack in rust



All images via Rains

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