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History & Heritage Part 2 - Peregrine

November 12 2020 – Mercantile London

History & Heritage  Part 2 - Peregrine

History & Heritage Part 2 - Peregrine


Peregrine are a 100% ‘Made In England’ apparel company that have a manufacturing heritage which dates back to 1796 when JC Glover & Co were first established eight generations ago.
Now under the eye of Managing Director and Head of Design Tom Glover, Peregrine are combining the best of contemporary design with the skill and heritage of British craftspeople to produce a collection that stand up to the elements but also transitions perfectly to suit an urban environment making the pieces adaptable for both city living and country break.

This small family run business ensures that every step of their creative and production process is executed in the UK. The company control everything with regards to the garment production and offer a completely transparent view of their production chain, visiting their Manchester based factory once a week, often to make adjustments to new samples or to collect a batch of finished products and check in with their team.

“90% of clothing that we buy in Britain is outsourced when it comes to production in order to cut costs as much as possible but this often means sacrifices in the brands sustainability as well as in the quality of the garment produced.” - Peregrine.

Peregrine is fully licensed with British Wool and use merino wool in the majority of their collection as they believe it is the most sustainable fabric out there being renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and flame-resistant. As well as being fully traceable, the company only use 100% guaranteed non-mulesed wool.

“British wool has been used for centuries to make quality cloth for apparel. Wool is extremely hard wearing and can withstand continuous wear. Wool has a left and right handed helix at its core, which works like a spring, meaning it can continuously resist pressure and flattening. It can be bent thousands of times and still spring back! The tiny air pockets in wool fibre help to keep us warm in winter, and thanks to wool’s breathable qualities, also cool in summer”. - Peregrine

Unlike synthetic materials (like polyester and nylon), that shed fibres during washing, wool is a natural fibre that breaks down harmlessly in water meaning there is no impact on the environment. Wool is also anti- odour and anti-bacterial, and when combined with the natural oils in wool also mean that it needs less washing than other materials.

Drawing on the tradition of Aran knits; the Hudson is a standout piece in the collection this season. The Aran style was originally created for fishermen going out in wet windy conditions at sea, due to the water repellent and wind resistant nature of the thick wool and tight knit and the Hudson style is a sourced from a British Wool accredited farm in Yorkshire - just 60 miles from the Peregrine factory and made in batches of only 200 pieces.

The Porter beanies are a winter essential and are crafted from 100% Merino and designed around a traditional ribbed fisherman beanie. It is the perfect wardrobe staple for the colder months made from 100% natural fibres that are durable, sustainable and temperature regulating.



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