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History & Heritage Part 1 - ERIBÉ Knitwear

October 26 2020 – Mercantile London

History & Heritage  Part 1 - ERIBÉ Knitwear

History & Heritage Part 1 - ERIBÉ Knitwear


Established 33 years ago, ERIBÉ (named after brand founder Rosemary Eribe’) is a knitwear design house and manufacturer based in Melrose, in the Scottish Borders. Thought of as a 'cottage industry gone global', they champion the Made In Scotland label and have an avid fan-base around the world.
ERIBÉ Knitwear has organically grown from a one-person operation in a living room to a dynamic team of people. Working together for the benefit of everyone is Rosemary’s business mantra, where fostering a community spirit was a revolutionary idea in the male-dominated textile industry of the 1980’s. Over the decades, she has worked tirelessly to build personal relationships with factories, spinners, hand-knitters, suppliers, buyers and customers.

Sharing knowledge and resources is extremely important for Rosemary, because she strongly believes that this is the only way this centuries-old industry can re-establish itself as a vital Scottish industry. Like a wonderful extended family, ERIBÉ is all about the people involved in creating the final garment, - the team, hand-knitters, mills, suppliers, agents, buyers and the customer. Great attention is paid to every single person involved in their supply chain.

In the collections you can find distinctive styles that put a contemporary twist on traditional Scottish clothing. ERIBÉ designers are specialists in their field, especially in heritage knitting techniques, such as Fairisle (Fair Isle).
The brand has a strong eco-conscious stance and sustainability is at the heart of ERIBÉ – where there is a conscientious approach to resources used and waste management.
ERIBÉ pieces are made using knowledge handed down from one generation to the next, so that you can own a sustainable product which not only looks and feels great, but lasts for years to come, and crafted from quality, natural biodegradable yarns spun in Britain.



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