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Enhance Your Mood // Colour

May 05 2020 – Mercantile London

Enhance Your Mood // Colour

Enhance Your Mood // Colour


Colour is known to have an direct effect on our physical and emotional responses and research has demonstrated that different colours can simulate our senses, evoke a memory, and effect both behaviours and mood. Colour psychology is a branch of study that believes through selecting colour with purpose and surrounding ourselves with certain shades we can improve our mood and overall well-being.

Whilst certain colours have been attributed with universal associations; green/nature/calm and red/blood/excitement for example, memories, age and cultural associations also influence how we respond to certain colours and these cultural notions can greatly differ around the world.

Blue is revered in some eastern countries as a colour symbolic of good health, whereas it can have the association of sadness and mourning in other cultures -we sing ‘the blues’ and have the idea of Blue Monday; claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. Purple is a colour often chosen for funerals and mourning in both Brazil and Thailand, whilst white is sometimes selected in Eastern Asia and Italy. Even within the same country colours can have dual meaning, in the West green is the colour for good luck (four leaf clovers, the 'luck' of the Irish) but we can also be green with envy or greed.

The summer colour trends in the 2020 collections varied but there were two emerging themes of saturated, vibrant colours such as deep violets, strong scarlet and cerulean blue juxtaposed against earth bound shades of saffron, azure and mint green.  Try adding some of the colour suggestions below into your wardrobe or working environment, the same effect can also be gained simply by looking at the various shades.

1# Violet


Stimulates creativity and increases your compassion. 

With the stability of blue and the energy of red, these purple shades symbolise nobility, power, magic, wisdom and mystery. Purple is a colour that is said to inspire reflection and self awareness.  Mix with teal or lime for a offbeat, surprising combination.



And Less Bambina Knit



Petite Mendigote Alberto Cardigan


2# Cerulean


Aids intuition and helps you to remain in control.

Sitting between violet and green on the colour spectrum, blue shades evoke feelings of peace, order, trust, harmony and efficiency. Associated with a cloud free sky and the ocean waves, this is one of the ultimate calming colours. Blue is a neutral so there isn't a colour that doesn't sit well with it, try mixing with grey to ground or gold to lift.



Samsoe & Samsoe Junia Dress



Second Female Tonga Top



Jumper 1234 Shrunken Mesh Knit


3# Saffron


Encourages a more optimistic outlook and increases motivation.  

With the combination of yellow and red these earthy shades symbolise joy, balance, security, happiness and energy. With their sense of warmth and enthusiasm, they are said to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity. Try mixing with an earthy clay or chocolate to keep it classic.



Sessun Cala Dress



Samsoe & Samsoe Joni Shirt



People Tree Arabella Top


4# Mint

Moss/Sage/Sea Foam/Emerald

Said to soothe and relieve anxiety.

The colour of growth, nature and health, green can create feelings of rest and calm. With a neutral balance of warm and cool, green shades lowers blood pressure and promotes a feeling of safety. Like blue, green goes with most shades. Try adding a touch of a neutral nude which looks unexpected yet works well with green.



Samsoe & Samsoe Leta Sweater



Ba&sh Talia Dress



Hod Bertie Dress



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