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Enhance Your Mood // Crystals & Gemstones

May 08 2020 – Mercantile London

Enhance Your Mood // Crystals & Gemstones

Enhance Your Mood // Crystals & Gemstones


The use of gemstones as both a decoration and healing tool dates back centuries with the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans being some of the first cultures to revere certain stones,with the Greeks and Romans also continuing with the practise.

Records suggest gemstones such as amber, jade and lapis lazuli were carved into amulets and talismans to protect health and home, others were mixed into potions which were rubbed onto the body to utilise the supposed energy within them and pieces of quartz were buried with the dead in order to guide them in the afterlife.

Today, crystals and gemstones have had a huge resurgence being used a part of a range of holistic therapies and new age outlook. Crystal healing or lithotherapy (to heal with stones) is a energy healing method where certain stones are used to align the vibrations of the body in an attempt to alleviate certain physical and mental ailments. The stones are sorted according to their colour and apparent properties and have specific areas to be placed on the body. The crystals claims vary and and are said to help with everything from boosting energy, calming the mind, protecting the wearer, soothing impulses and reducing excess EMF in the environment.* 

Scientific debate surrounding crystal therapy suggests it is pseudo /placebo effect which has been counter argued by the understanding that all things within the universe has a vibration or frequency that can affect other forms of energy, but this divided option and the lack of scientific research in the area is why crystal healing is suggested only to be used as a complimentary therapy alongside traditional medical guidance for any serious mental or physical issue.*

We think the best way to use crystals is to simply enjoy the aesthetics of the stones, and if you are searching for the properties they pertain to possess, know that it already resides in you and select by intuition. Also ensure you shop with brands that are transparent about their supply chain and how the stones are mined. 

Whilst you can carry them in pockets, your purse or dot them around your home, its easy to begin by wearing the stones within jewellery as they maintain close contact and so develop your own personal 'talisman'. 

Read on for our beginners guide to some of our gemstones and how to wear them.




Colour – Variations on green, apple through to shades of lemon. Usually is used in small pieces. 

Virtues - Chrysoprase is said to have a calming and protective influence. It soothes our impulses, destructive feelings and protects us from nightmares. It is said to boost self-confidence by clarifying our thoughts and opens us to new situations.  Due to its calming nature chrysoprase is said to be useful in adding sleep.

Placement - Wear as appropriate.



Une a Une Chrysoprase Indian Chain Necklace.





Colour - Golden yellow to yellowish brown, orange brown through smoky grey brown. Appears in all sizes 

Virtues - Traditionally citrine is associated with the sun, wealth, prosperity and success. It is a warming, energising stone that is said to stimulate self-confidence and self-respect. Citrine helps us to see the future in a positive way. It encourages optimism and encourages us to keep an open mind towards any eventuality in order to find the best solution. 

Placement - Wear on fingers or throat in contact with skin. 

SVP Rio ring in citrine



Shyla Ettiene earrings in citrine



Colour – Green. As a gemstone it is usually small and bright. 

Virtues - Emerald is known as ‘the stone of successful love’ so represents hope, sincerity and loyalty. It is said to encourage love and friendship, eliminating negativity and bringing in positive action. It is said to be a stone of regeneration and can help to heal past negative emotions.

Placement - Wear on the little finger, over the heart or on the right arm. 



Une a Une Goa Necklace in emerald



Une a Une Solitaire Manuela ring in emerald




Colour – Orange, red, pink, green, orange, yellow, brown or black (like quartz there are various types). 

Virtues – A powerfully energising and regenerating stone, garnet helps to fight against sadness and melancholy. Said to dissolve ingrained behaviour that no longer serves you, garnet opens the heart and bestows self-confidence.

Placement - Earlobes, fingers or over the heart. Wear in contact with the skin.




Mirabelle Satellite Necklace in garnet





Colour – Clear or rock quartz is transparent (there are numerous varieties of quartz such as rose, smoky, phantom and aqua, all with their own particular properties and colour).

Virtues – Like the quartz used in modern technology, quartz is said to be one of the most powerful energy amplifiers because of its crystalline form. It balances, absorbs and stores energy where and when needed offering protection to the wearer. It aid concentration and unlocks memory. Quartz is the perfect stone to gift as it is such an 'all-rounder'.

Placement - Wear as appropriate.



Shyla Clear Quartz Hydro Hoop Earrings 



Shyla Oval Claw Ring in Champagne Quartz.


Multi coloured Tourmaline


Colour - Black, brown, green, pink, red, yellow, blue, watermelon, blue-green (there are numerous varieties of tourmaline all with their own particular properties and colours). Found in all sizes.

Virtues - Tourmaline is said to be a fantastic cleansing and protective stone. It transforms dense energy and clears and balances. It is a stone that is said to attract compassion and tolerance as well as promote inspiration and prosperity. As multicoloured tourmaline contains all colours it works to balance and bring mind, body and soul together.

Placement - Wear as appropriate.



Une a Une Tourmaline Indian Chain Necklace



Une a Une Tourmaline Bracelet.




Gemstone images and information on crystal properties from Une a Une and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. Tourmaline image via Pinterest.

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