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An Easy Way To Restyle A Classic

May 14 2020 – Mercantile London

Penfield T-shirt Mercantile London

Penfield T-shirt Mercantile London



Not considered a classic for nothing, the classic t-shirt may be one of the simplest pieces to style but it has obtained iconic status for a reason.  First worn by men as an undergarment, the cotton jersey crew neck became standard military issue in World War II, and was descended from the Breton style tops worn by Navy men in the 1910's.  The 'T-Shirt', so called because of it's 'T' shape, evolved from a simple undergarment to one of the most recognisable unisex pieces of clothing that became a uniform for the casual and cool. 

From the early days of James Dean and Marlon Brando in their slim fit white tee through the nineties Fruit of the Loom generation and grunge band offerings, to the more recent 'We Should All Be Feminists' by Dior, the T-shirt seems to be one of the easiest pieces with which to express yourself.

Whilst there are stacks of new offerings on the market including some great heritage sports brands, there are plenty of vintage and second hand pieces to be found with probably a few classics hiding in either your loft, dad or brother's wardrobe or your local charity's.  

We are seeing lots of styles with back graphics or print and high waist tailored trousers are replacing the traditional denim styling option for summer. Instagram is full of unisex shapes, with the sleeves and hems cut off for a slightly eighties feel - for inspiration check out how vintage designer and maker 100 Red Shoes remodels hers into dresses. So you don't need to invest to freshen this reliable look, just have a good look in the back of your wardrobe and get creative.



Wood Wood Aria Dusty Green T-Shirt



Image via Who What Wear (photo: skyler)



Far Afield White Acid Smiles T-Shirt



Image via Vanity Fair



Penfield Mens Wallpole White T-Shirt



Maison Labiche L'Été White T-Shirt



Image via Style Report



Wood Wood Men Jim Off White T-Shirt



Image via Pinterest (photo by Simon Chetrit; @simonzchetrit)



Wood Wood Mens Slater Lilac T-Shirt



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Penfield Mens Sandtoft Mineral T-Shirt




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