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Investment Knits

November 19 2019 – Mercantile London

Investment Knits

Investment Knits

London based Jumper 1234 was founded in 2014 by a team of friends with a shared desire to create no-fuss, core pieces that would sit timelessly, wear effortlessly and still excite women by looking great and feeling even better.

Inspired by Britain, home-heritage and a genuine love for conscious cashmere, Jumper 1234 is designed with a contemporary edge. All design work takes place in London - with production based in Mongolia, where the world’s best cashmere is made.

Jumper 1234 uses raw cashmere, which is carefully refined to filter anything other than the purest fibres. The cashmere comes from a vast countryside which with the brands help, supports the lives of the nomadic herdsmen of Mongolia and their families.

The Cashmere goats used by Jumper roam the steppes and plains of Mongolia cared for by the nomadic herdsmen who move with them (Mongolia is twice the size of France).The goat herds move continually to ensure the best grazing at all times with the herdsmen taking care of both their animals and the land, a practice that has has been sustained through centuries

 Mongolian cashmere is naturally sustainable - the fibre is only removed once the goats begin to moult naturally and then removed using traditional hand combing. Jumper 1234 pieces are not just the result of talented technologists, they are the workings of artisans who have years of experience knitting cashmere. Real craftsmanship goes into the making of every jumper, which is also, quite brilliantly, machine washable.

This craftsmanship is a guarantee that the piece you invest in will retain its look and feel for years to come. Each piece is a product that is a reflection of the land that it comes from and the people who created it.  Jumper are working towards full SFA compliance and at the moment are currently involved in project Green Gold, a sustainability project.



Jumper 1234 Mid Grey Roll Neck Sweater



Jumper 1234 Red Roll Neck Sweater



Jumper 1234 Mushroom Roll Neck Sweater



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