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Mood of the season - Gender Neutral

September 22 2017 – Mercantile London

Mood of the season -  Gender Neutral

Mood of the season - Gender Neutral

"Androgyny - the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics".


This season sees British brand Native Youth introduce gender neutral pieces into their A/W collection. Key pieces include the Apex Parka, an oversized olive coloured parka coat and the Altair puffer jacket with a long line fit and padded to keep you warm. 
Offering something for the transitional months, the raw edge of the grey Mock sweatshirt maintains the Native Youth signature of casual sportswear and layers effortlessly with everyday denim.

Rust is the colour of the season and appears in the Maldon bomber jacket and the limited release cable stitch Sienna knit.

"Corduroy has a rich history in our fair city of Manchester and is affectionately named “Manchester Cloth” by many around the world” - Native Youth.

After the success of the Zori jacket, corduroy appears in both the men and women's collections. The Astbury is a pair of grey corduroy trousers that are made from 16 wale cord, which can be worn up or down and combined with a layer of shirting and knitwear for the cooler months.

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