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New Brand // Fragrance Tips From Maison Matine

July 04 2023 – Mercantile London

New Brand // Fragrance Tips From Maison Matine

New Brand // Fragrance Tips From Maison Matine


Maison Matine, are a fragrance brand created by a new generation of committed French perfumers and new to the Mercantile this summer. Maison declare it's time for "no more opulence and sexism, now it's time for simplicity and diversity" in fragrance. They are a brand in search of independence from the traditional world of perfume and have a strong creative bias with the offer developed by their "little community" of graphic designers and the perfumers.

Maison Matine Avant l’Orage Eau de Parfum

Created and made in Paris and Chartres, there is no transport of raw materials over long distances in order to limit carbon impact as much as possible. They choose to use organic wheat alcohol, which represents 80% of the total composition of the perfume and the majority of the perfumes contain mainly natural ingredients that are respectful of nature and the skin. Maison Matine have removed all trace of cellophane wrap from production to avoid waste plastic and the company contribute to social community projects, and and support schemes. With a cruelty-free production, Maison Matine, do not do any tests on animals, for any ingredient.

Maison Matine Bain De Midi Eau de Parfum

The illustrated perfume bottles depict everyday pleasures, moments in life and colourful aspirations, and the brand feel the olfactory experience is nourished, enriched by the illustrations of their graphic designer and becomes polysensory to feed everyone's imagination. They believe the sense of smell appeals to memories while the visual appeals to vivid memory. The combination reveals a fragrance brand with ideals of curiosity, creativity and generosity.

Maison Matine Lost In Translation Eau de Parfum

Tackling the issue where some perfumes do not last on the skin, Maison Matine explain why below, and share some handy tips to make your perfume last longer. 

"First, each perfume is different in its longevity. Depending on the concentration of the perfume, its hold will be more or less powerful. Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraîches and Eau de Toilette, particularly light (concentrated between 2 and 12%), will be the first to disappear from the skin. So you may prefer an Eau de Parfum if you want a more consistent scent. At Maison Matine, all of the perfumes are Eaux de Parfums, and are concentrated between 15% and 20%, to ensure the good hold of the fragrances.

Then, you have to know that each skin is different. Depending on acidity, pH, or perspiration, no skin is equal to another when it comes to perfume. Some will naturally retain fragrances, while others will have difficulty holding them.

First, a well hydrated skin will hold the perfume much better, so before applying your favorite scent, be sure to moisturize your skin with a cream or oil (choose a non-scented version).

Then, if your skin still seems resistant to the idea of keeping perfumes on it, do not hesitate to perfume your clothes instead. To do this, always spray at a safe distance from the textile, and avoid delicate fabrics (such as silk).
On woollen and jeans, you can go for it. Similarly, a small handkerchief scented and slipped into your closets or travel bags will deliciously perfume all your clothes".


Maison Matine Nature Insolente Eau de Parfum

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