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Pre Spring 19 - Stine Goya

January 11 2019 – Mercantile London

Pre Spring 19 - Stine Goya

Pre Spring 19 - Stine Goya

For Pre Spring 2019 Stine Goya launches a collection inspired by the cinematic visionary Michelangelo Antonioni, a collection reflective of his stylistic take on modernity, and its resounding emptiness. 

By using the narrative of dead space, Antonioni evolves his characters without following the traditional means of storytelling, by this creating a space of nothingness, where everything can happen. The dramatic composition and means of storytelling are the inspiration for the Stine Goya Pre Spring, Nothingness collection.

The free-spirited Antonioni woman is the muse for the season, a modern Goya woman with a contemporary take on timeless pieces.

With a gentle nod, the seasonal silhouettes reflect late 60s Italian fashion, with A-shaped shirt dresses, wide collars, and detailing such as enlarged buttons and contrast stitch and the use of colour-blocking for the footwear.

Forming the Pre Spring palette are shades of mint, pink and yellow consistent with the early work of Antonioni, where colour was introduced for emotional effect. A periodic reference can also be found in the more sombre and toned-down contrast colours, the Daffodil Yellow, Rhododendron Purple and Midnight Blue that strike through the collection.

For the seasonal print picture, the masterful composition of Antonioni serves as a reference, each frame its own canvas. Collages of stills have been collated for the print Filmography, while graphic elements evocative of the sixties, can be seen in the classic floral pattern Daisy. 

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