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Spring Clean

April 18 2023 – Mercantile London

Spring Clean

Spring Clean


With the power to instantly transform the atmosphere and mood of a space, welcome in the spring season with a fresher and lighter scent for your home. A stylish finishing touch and a great new home gift, there are a range of home fragrance options to suit. Whether you are looking for an instant mood lift with a home mist, a new scent combo with a candle pairing, an Earl of East 'scent tag' to delicately fragrance your clothes, or a welcoming atmosphere to your home with a loose incense, our edit of home fragrance will provide some inspiration to refresh your home this spring.


Home Mist

Home mists are great to give your home and work space an instant scent refresh, and provide the benefits of essential oils, but are perfect if you don't want the smell to linger all day long. Keep on hand at your desk, by your kitchen shelf or an 'anywhere' option to spray onto bed sheets for a refresh.


Yellow Gorse Meditation Mist - Rose Geranium, Frankincense & Black Pepper


Priddy Essentials Bergamot Anywhere Spray



Air Fresheners/Scent Tags


Remember scented draw liners? According to Earl of East their air fresheners (aka scent tags) are the updated, "less 80s version". Outside of the home, gym bags or long haul flight luggage benefit from tucking an Earl of East air freshener in-between clothes for a pleasant scent surprise upon opening, but they are  also well placed to enjoy at home. Hang Earl of East air fresheners in your wardrobe and drawers to keep your clothes smelling their best, or use in your hallway closet so that your coats are delicately scented on the morning commute. You can also double up with the matching Earl of East candle scent to give maximum impact.


Earl of East Jardin De La Lune Air Freshener


Earl Of East Jardin de la Lune Candle



Candle Pairing


Candle pairing is an idea suggested by candlemakers Earl of East with their new season suggestion being Greenhouse and Viagem.  This pairing combines their 'most loved at summertime' scents and perfectly captures the essence of summer, whatever the time of year. The coming together of Greenhouse’s uplifting green notes with Viagem’s sweet and earthy scent of a fig tree creates the ultimate summer scent.*



Earl of East Greenhouse Candle


Earl of East Viagem Candle


Loose Incense


An ancient, spiritual practice, the tradition of burning loose herbs and botanicals to cleanse a space, object or person can be found in many cultures. Burning herbs with relaxing or cleansing and antimicrobial properties such as rose, white sage, lavender, and rosemary make it a useful practice for refreshing the space and mood before meditation, yoga or other intentional rituals.
Sprinkle a small amount of the loose mix onto the dish of a suitable incense/oil burner and warm with a tea-light to gently release the resins and fragrance* 

Yellow Gorse New Ground & Balance Incense


Stoneware Incense Burner in Oatmeal


For more home fragrance ideas try here


*Always burn your candle within sight, away from drafts and never leave it unattended. Please keep it and incense out of reach of children and pets. Exercise caution if you have breathing issues when using incense.




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