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New To Store // Beaumont Organics

March 21 2023 – Mercantile London

New To Store // Beaumont Organics

New To Store // Beaumont Organics

Launched in 2008, Beaumont Organic is a premium, sustainable fashion brand and creates contemporary, conscious clothing. Featuring GOTS certified organic cotton, alongside other sustainable and eco-fabrics such as linen, lyocell, tencel and non-mulesed wool the pieces are sustainably produced and ethically made in Europe.

Beaumont Organic Unity-May Paprika Jumpsuit 

The company works hard behind the scenes to provide full transparency into the sustainability of their practices and suppliers, visiting their factories regularly and documenting the process of creating every product. Organic Cotton remains at the heart of the collection, but they continue to explore new areas of sustainability by introducing new fibers and yarns including recycled cotton fibers in the knitwear and seaweed based technology in the woven checked fabrics.


Beaumont Organic Arabella Paprika Top 

GOTS certification provides assurance of where the cotton has been grown and knitted or woven, ensuring that no pesticides, chemicals or GMO seeds are used in the production. Certification also provides a guarantee that the workers involved in the production have been paid a fair living wage.


Beaumont Organic Elaine-Jo Rainbow stripe Dress

Garment labels typically give only a single country of production, however this can be misleading as this often only references where the final stage of sewing a garment takes place.

In reality, Beaumont Organics believe that producing a piece of clothing involves all of the stages that run up to this final sewing stage, including spinning the thread, knitting and weaving fabrics and dyeing to a designated colour. When viewed this way, a garment advertised as 'made in Europe' may have actually passed through many more countries and regions in the various stages of its production. Beaumont Organics are proud to say that 97% of their production at all stages takes place in Portugal, with the other 3% taking place in the UK.


Beaumont Organic Shona Ochre Dress

You can find out more about individual stages and factories involved in Beaumont Organics supply chain here.

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