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  • Contemporary classics with an ethical edge - SIDELINE

    March 25 2019 – Mercantile London

    Contemporary classics with an ethical edge - SIDELINE

    Thoughtful design and subtle, understated detail are at the core of British contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose foundation is woven indigo fabrics worked into inventive designs.Clean yet relaxed and feminine, this line of everyday clothing feels special and is designed to be worn, returned to, and loved again and again. Every collection is designed by founder Ellen Brookes at the...

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  • New season arrivals - SIDELINE

    August 08 2018 – Mercantile London

    New season arrivals - SIDELINE

    Understated design and subtle, minute detailing are at the core of contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose focus is indigo fabrics which are worked into inventive, thoughtful designs. Clean yet feminine, this is a collection of wearable, luxury clothing that feels special.   Made in a small factory in Istanbul that specialises in laundered and denim clothing, each season SIDELINE delivers...

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  • Home Grown

    November 14 2017 – Mercantile London

    Home Grown

    Whilst we have a large selection of international collections represented in-store, we also offer a lot of home grown design talent. Native Youth. London based Native Youth’s collection includes trend driven yet functional pieces with careful consideration of fabrics and the perfect fit. Through the designers’ interest in art, photography and contemporary culture an  androgynous British silhouette emerges which is...

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  • Summer moodboard - Desert Getaway

    June 02 2017 – Mercantile London

    Summer moodboard - Desert Getaway

    Sun-parched landscapes showcase a bleached out palette with contrasting vibrant tropical print. Americana classic sportswear appears alongside Artisan embroidery on simple loose shapes. Colours include khaki, teal and cobalt with classic stripes and washed out mini-checks on soft cotton. Click on image to shop   Inspiration images via Star Mela. Follow Star Mela here        

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  • Sale picks - how to get it right.

    January 29 2016 – Mercantile London

    Sale picks - how to get it right.

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  • August 21 2015 – Mercantile London

    Sideline AW15

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  • April 17 2015 – Mercantile London

    Sideline S15

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