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  • A Conversation with -  Abrand

    May 21 2019 – Mercantile London

    A Conversation with - Abrand

    We know the more difficult aspects to selecting the perfect jean here at The Mercantile (having worked in production and wholesale sides of the denim industry, you can't hide unflattering pocket positions from us), so it takes a lot of scrutinising for any denim brand to make the cut and arrive on The Mercantile shop floor. The collection that has...

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  • Contemporary classics with an ethical edge - SIDELINE

    March 25 2019 – Mercantile London

    Contemporary classics with an ethical edge - SIDELINE

    Thoughtful design and subtle, understated detail are at the core of British contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose foundation is woven indigo fabrics worked into inventive designs.Clean yet relaxed and feminine, this line of everyday clothing feels special and is designed to be worn, returned to, and loved again and again. Every collection is designed by founder Ellen Brookes at the...

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  • Welcome to sustainability

    January 22 2019 – Mercantile London

    Welcome to sustainability

    Founder of Iden, Andrew Lethbridge always knew he wanted to create a sustainable, conscious and forward-thinking brand based on denim. The belief was that great fitting jeans in premium denim shouldn’t cost the earth. Using fabrics from pioneering mills, with an emphasis on natural, organic and recycled materials, Iden create thoughtfully sourced collections that are not only sustainable, but also...

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  • New season arrivals - SIDELINE

    August 08 2018 – Mercantile London

    New season arrivals - SIDELINE

    Understated design and subtle, minute detailing are at the core of contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose focus is indigo fabrics which are worked into inventive, thoughtful designs. Clean yet feminine, this is a collection of wearable, luxury clothing that feels special.   Made in a small factory in Istanbul that specialises in laundered and denim clothing, each season SIDELINE delivers...

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  • How to move on from skinny denim

    February 20 2018 – Mercantile London

    How to move on from skinny denim

    Do you remember a time before skinny jeans, then Kate Moss became a poster child for a super skinny fit and it just kind of happened. We were converted to that super comfortable stretch and left wondering what we ever wore before. Yet the tide is turning once again and lately the question being asked most on the shop floor...

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  • Your Summer denim sorted

    May 28 2017 – Mercantile London

    Your Summer denim sorted

    Vintage inspired from the start, Current /Elliott had a vision of creating a denim line founded on the principle that every item in your closet should be rich in stories; unique and treasured. Widely known as the innovators of the boyfriend jean, Current/Elliott has become a brand defined by a modern approach to an American classic.   Read on for the...

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  • The jean that gives you a perfect butt

    May 03 2017 – Mercantile London

    The jean that gives you a perfect butt

    Introduced as the saviour for all butt shapes, the Levi Wedgie fit has managed to reach iconic status due to rave reviews for giving you the perfect peachy butt and has received a fair few celebrity endorsements.  Tested by the Mercantile team, the 99 % cotton jean (1% elastane, this is definitely a non-stretch jean) The Wedgie sits high and...

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  • How to handle - Double denim

    June 08 2016 – Mercantile London

    How to handle - Double denim

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  • August 28 2015 – Mercantile London

    The denim fit guide

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  • August 21 2015 – Mercantile London

    Sideline AW15

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