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Slowing Down // Gone to the Beach

July 21 2023 – Mercantile London

Slowing Down // Gone to the Beach

Slowing Down // Gone to the Beach


Born of the love for the expansive skies and generous shoreline of the British coast, brands have been inspired by carefree summer days immersed in the unmistakably British landscape: roaming the dunes, splashing in the shallows and collecting samphire, sun-kissed skin, the salty breeze, and relaxing lunches in the shade. When it comes to art of slowing down, nothing seems to beat time spent by the coast. 

As with green spaces, time spent in proximity to water has been suggested to have both physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the boost of mood improving vitamin D, the meditative nature of watching (and listening to) the waves rhythmically hitting the shore, and the anti-inflammatory benefits of a cold water dip, all help to calm an overloaded nervous system. Being nourished by the nature around us gives the mind space to slow down, connect to the silence within, and soothe the chatter that threatens to overwhelm in hectic,city living.

Below is a selection from coastal based companies where the ocean and nature is a constant inspiration. Using blends of zesty citrus which mingle with distinctive sea-breeze scents and anchoring them on a base of amber, moss and driftwood, they evoke the sensation of fresh sea breezes that remind us of holidays past, with fresh and invigorating fragrances that have the power to transport us straight back to the slow days of beach living, once we have returned back home.



Plum & Ashby Seaweed & Samphire Candle // Join High Tide Soap // Saltwater Boardwalk Sandals // Bon Parfumeur 803 Travel Spray Sea Spray, Ginger & Patchouli Eau de Parfum // St. Eval Sea Salt Scented Tin // Norfolk Natural Living Coastal Walks Pocket Hand Cream // Plum & Ashby Seaweed & Samphire Bath Essence // Baum Und Pferdgarten Jaliyah Breton Stripe Black Top // Bon Parfumeur 801 Sea Spray, Cedar, & Grapefruit Eau de Parfum // Keynvor Waterside Candle (Seaweed, Waterlily, Cyclamen, Driftwood, Patchouli)


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