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The Seasons Statement Earring.

Posted on October 15 2019

Having been seen in the collections for multiple seasons, the oversized, statement earring really is here to stay. An instant update for a simple outfit, the statement earring is now offered in a huge variety of styles and at any price point you desire. Certain trends are continuing to dominate though and can still be seen on the streets of fashion week, read on to discover the ones to add to your collection.


Pearl - Not anything like your traditional set, the contemporary pearl shows no sign of slowing down, appearing in exaggerated sizes and forms. This season it is being combined with touches of gold and onyx gemstones. Look for anything that has a touch of 'Tudor' about it and you'll be on the right track.


Emerald & Pearl Drop Earrings

Maggie Earring


Coin - Drawing on antiquity, ultra luxe Roman and Greek inspired gold coins continue to hang from hoops and chains (as well as dangle from necks and wrap themselves around fingers). More is more here.


Boreas Coin Hoop


The hoop - The hoop will never be out of style and whilst the nineties sleeper has a place, this moment is all about a larger, chunky, statement.  Although there are many varieties around, trying to find the perfect size, thickness and price is like trying to find the perfect white t-shirt. We think Common Muse have come pretty close with the perfect (lightweight) balance between cool , contemporary and giving you a headache by the end of the day. 


Norma Medi Hoop


The Mismatch - Truly a look that you can make your own with pieces you already have. Combine any variety of studs, charm and mismatched gems to showcase your piercings. Try a long earring balanced out with a single stud or hoop or split a pair of statement earrings, wear one and gift the other to a friend.


Orbit Gold and Black Earring (worn with Norma midi hoop).


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