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Dook Scottish Salt Soap - Cedar & Bitter Orange



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  • Product Description

      This natural soap is infused with an essential oil blend that combines the sharpness of citrus with the depth of woody notes and spiced warm undertones from coriander essential oil. The combination of these complex elements creates a handmade soap that is not only grounding and calming but also undeniably alluring, dare we say, a little bit sexy?!

      Dook hand-poured salt soaps are dramatically different. the salt exfoliates and softens the water letting the luxuriously creamy lather remove daily build up from your skin. Generous amounts of raw shea butter ensures that your skin is left moisturised and essential oils provide stimulating natural fragrances.

      Key ingredients:

      Himalayan Salt

      This incredible ingredient is packed full of skin loving trace minerals that are known for their detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating skin support.

      Organic Coconut Oil

      Famous for its cleansing abilities, coconut oil is the special ingredient that enables a soap so salty to have a wonderful lather.

      • Made in United Kingdom
      • Weight: 130 g (4.59 oz) As the soap is handmade the weight can vary by a few grams, and the designs will naturally differ per bar.

      paraben free - palm oil free - cruelty-free - SLS free - water free - vegan

      Dook soaps are packed full of Himalayan Salt and can be quite exfoliating. They recommend lathering up with the soaps and washing with the thick lather. If you like to rub a soap bar directly onto your skin, then perhaps wrap it in a flannel first or try their soap saver bags, which will protect your delicate skin from any of the more scratchy salt grains.

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